House System

There are 10 houses at Trinity College School, all named after former prominent faculty members or benefactors. Each house is designated for male or female students who are either boarding or day students.

Students reside in the same house throughout their careers at TCS, and we encourage them to develop strong house loyalties, which are reinforced by various house meetings and social events.

Your house also comes with a head and assistant head of house, several faculty advisors who visit regularly, and senior students who serve as leaders in your house.

Year-long competitions in debating, drama and athletics determine the winner of the Langmuir Cup, which is presented to the head of the winning house on Speech Day.


The Benefits of a Boarding Experience

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) provides information for families and other individuals about the benefits of living and learning in a residential setting. They commissioned a study to look at the advantages of a boarding school education and have created a very compelling presentation about the boarding experience that can be accessed by clicking here.