Campus Life

Trinity College School is a comfortable expanse of buildings and playing fields in the small town of Port Hope, about an hour's drive from Toronto. We enjoy a view of Lake Ontario and a stimulating change of seasons. On a campus this large, there is room to spread out and explore. On a campus this small, friendships come easily. And on a campus this beautiful, students are proud to call it "home."

A Typical Day

A typical weekday at TCS starts off with a mandatory breakfast sign-in, which is followed by morning chapel. After chapel, students attend classes which are each 70 minutes in length, divided by a junior and senior lunch period. After classes, students take part in sports, arts or service learning activities before heading up to dinner. As day students head home for the evening, boarders enjoy some free time before their compulsory evening study period of two hours.

After study, boarders have time to take a trip to the store, make a phone call to Jim's Pizza for a night time snack or to just hang out in the Davies Student Centre or Cirne Commons before they must return to their rooms for the night.

After Saturday sports or any other co-curricular commitments are finished, the weekend at TCS starts. There are a number of weekend activities offered throughout the year. Once a month, Sunday morning begins with a late chapel service for all boarding students followed by a Sunday brunch. The rest of the day is free for the students to catch up on work, relax or go into town.