Ready for more

Parents, when considering your child’s education, are you ready for more? Well, Trinity College School may be just the learning environment for your child! But, please be advised.

Possible side effects of joining the Trinity College School boarding community on our magnificent 100-acre campus in Port Hope, Ontario may result in your child:

  • earning better grades
  • gaining greater independence
  • showing increased interest in actually getting out and doing things
  • having more friends

Don’t be alarmed. We have a long track record of motivating young people like yours.

For over 150 years, we have been welcoming young people to Trinity College School, offering a complete living and learning environment. To realize what’s within TCS, we invite you to complete an online inquiry form or schedule a visit to campus.

Realize what's within
Realize what's within

As you enter through the front gates of Trinity College School, you think to yourself,“What will this opportunity bring?” After all, it has been a very personal decision to take the leap...

Boarding at TCS
The Boarding Experience

Check it out – a boarding school experience at TCS will change your life! It’ll put you in the driver’s seat NOW, and make the transition to university EASIER than you ever thought possible...


Learn from our students what they think makes the TCS experience outstanding.


Unsure if a boarding school will be right for your child? Watch this short video about the boarding experience explained by parents just like you!

Courtesy of North American Boarding Schools