Grade 5 & 6

In our Grade 5 & 6 program, students are immersed in the critical final years of their elementary education. In small classes, they forge close relationships with their homeform teacher, who serves as their core mathematics, language arts and science teacher. This relationship is fundamental to our students’ social and emotional development, as well as their individual academic growth. In addition, students benefit from having specialist teachers in other subject areas, including the arts, physical education and music. A key element of the Grade 5 & 6 learning experience is character development, including a focus on our TCS habits of heart and mind and on creating caring and respectful relationships between students and with their teachers as well. This creates an inclusive and supportive classroom culture in which students can take risks confidently and develop a growth mindset that focuses on their long-term development as learners.

An intentional and structured approach is provided in teaching students organizational and time management skills, and their learning is scaffolded when teaching literacy, numeracy and study skills. Building upon this foundation, students are challenged to think creatively and to focus on authentic tasks which develop 21st century skills like collaboration, digital literacy and the ability to tackle open-ended questions with confidence. There is frequent cross-curricular integration in Grades 5 & 6 and technology is integrated throughout the curriculum as well through the use of iPads and a variety of apps and Google platforms. Students emerge from our Grade 5 & 6 program with an excellent foundation of academic skills and an ability to be an active problem solver. They are well on the road towards living a “life of purpose and service.”