A Walk Down Memory Lane

Fresh off the heels of Reunion Weekend 2022, Head of Junior School Jennifer Reid reflects on the connection to Boulden House, as heard through the fond memories of Junior School students past.

Written by guest blogger, Mrs. Jennifer Reid

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity as alumni were welcomed back onto campus for Reunion Weekend. Boulden House was included in the itinerary as an opportunity to tour with teachers and students present. I was thrilled to welcome 38 alumni, along with their partners, children and grandchildren, into the building. Some were proud Junior School grads from five years ago; others boarded in Boulden House 50 years ago. All had stories and fond memories to share about their time at TCS and, in particular, in Boulden House.

For the recent Junior School graduates, it was a chance to get back into their classrooms and reminisce about Smarties math in Grade 5, science experiments in Grade 6, Shakespeare in Grade 7 or the theatre production in Grade 8. Boulden House, for them, has remained frozen in time – the rooms, the look and the layout have stayed relatively untouched. Noticeable changes were in the technology, lockers and desks – all upgrades made over these last five years to support a new generation of learners and their emerging needs.

For the Old Boys who attended decades prior, however, Boulden House was almost unrecognizable. Our current assembly room was the dining hall back in the day, with long tables flanking the walls and the head table positioned in front of the fireplace. The ground-level classrooms were divided with accordion panels that would open for study. Alumni spoke about their teachers and lessons with zeal. Boarding rooms – their home away from home – were above on the second and third floors. While the boys would be on their best behaviour more often than not, there would be moments of mischievousness. In sharing these stories, the gentlemen smirked and snickered, acknowledging that, for many of them, these were some of the best years of their lives. They attributed the Junior School faculty members of the time as key figures in their lives as they grew to be men of character and purpose.

It was a delight on Saturday being privy to these memories. Standing in the same vantage point as the alumni but seeing the space through a different lens was palpable. Together, we could document the change of Boulden House through our own unique experiences, yet our connection to the building itself was undeniably the same. Having called the Junior School my second home for 22 years, I too feel the strength of connection to the bricks and mortar that is Boulden House.

In two years’ time, Boulden House will celebrate a milestone – it will be 100 years since it first opened its doors. Incredible – 100 years of shared memories and experiences! Whether you attended Boulden House for one year, or spent over four decades guiding the Junior School as former principal Charles Tottenham did, you will be forever connected to the building.

It was an enjoyable shared walk down memory lane on Saturday. For me, it’s another memory to add to those already cherished. Thank you to the many alumni who returned and shared their stories. Your legacy lives on.

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