Breakfast Olympics

If you were to examine our website, marketing brochures or our strategic plan, for example, you would not see or read about Breakfast Olympics at Trinity College School. Typically, it is not an event that the School widely promotes.

In fact, it is not an event that I typically champion. However, I felt differently about Breakfast Olympics this year.

First of all, you might be wondering, “what is Breakfast Olympics”? Each year, one early morning in May, all Senior School students don their pyjamas and gather on the terraces, arranged by house. There are 10 houses at TCS so, effectively, there are 10 teams competing in what is a series of challenges or games. For example, one of the challenges is the Maple Syrup Cheerios Toss. In this event, a student from each house covers their face in maple syrup and another house representative tosses Cheerios at the student’s face in an attempt to have as many Cheerios stick as possible. The house with the most number of sticking cereal bits wins.

In considering the value or purpose of this event, a very good question would be, “why?” Why do we hold Breakfast Olympics?

For many years I have pondered this very question. And, each year I consider retiring this event. After all, a bunch of kids outside in their pyjamas on a chilly spring morning, undertaking silly antics…why endorse such an initiative?

However, this year, I welcomed the event. Again, you may ask, “why?” Allow me to explain.

This is the first spring since 2019 that our school has truly been able to gather collectively. Coming out of this pandemic, I am open to consider any reason or event that encourages all 480 of our Senior School students in the same place at the same time. Laughing. Smiling. Having fun. Together.

Also, fostering bonding and camaraderie within our house system is important for our school community. These smaller groups of students resemble close-knit, family-type environments where each student has increased opportunity to connect, to be acknowledged, to belong, to gain leadership skills, and to discover their own individuality and uniqueness while engaging and working alongside peers.

My final reason for supporting Breakfast Olympics this year is related to the building of school community by way of healthy traditions. Events that are held for the sole purpose of having good, harmless fun, and that have been previously enjoyed by siblings and peers, can connect us to those who came before us and enhance the spirit and camaraderie of the people within a community.

So, looking back on Breakfast Olympics 2022, I am exceptionally proud of how our student leaders coordinated close to 500 people and how our participants embraced the intended lighthearted nature and spirit of the event. And, at a time when we needed it most, it felt good to be a part of a friendly, fun, silly, school-wide endeavour that lifted our sprits, celebrated community and made us all smile and laugh.

Fun for the sake of fun. After a long two years, I think we all need a little bit of that.

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