Life Lesson #1: If possible, love what you do. Mr. Allen did.

Establishing a healthy work-life balance is a common yet elusive goal for most of us. For some, working 9-to-5 seems like the epitome of a good work-life balance but, for others, they find themselves effectively, “living for the weekend.”

With the advent of technology and email, it can now seem like you never “leave work.” Your work is always in your hand, your pocket and on your bedside table. Hmmm…suddenly 9-to-5 looks attractive again! And, of course, during this pandemic, millions of people have been working exclusively from home, prompting one to consider the advantages and disadvantages of working where you live and living where you work.

Clearly, the line between work and play, office and home, is blurred and getting blurrier.

Now, can you imagine being a teacher and living at your school for 14 years? And, along with your spouse, raising your two children at the school. All the while, being responsible for 50 other children in a residential setting.

Effectively, working 9-to-5 and then 5- to-9, every day. That is the life of a dedicated boarding housemaster.

Hundreds of kids know him, but if you haven’t already, meet Mr. Drew Allen. Mr. Allen has worked at Trinity College School for 36 years. He was a boarding housemaster at Trinity College School for 14 years.

Mr. Allen will be retiring at the end of this academic year. Drew started working at TCS in 1985 and he, and his wife, Sue, moved into Bickle House in 1998. They raised their two children, Haddy ’04 and Derek ’10, in residence, along with a boarding house of additional boys to care for.

Mr. Allen has taught a range of subjects during his time at TCS but is perhaps known best, among students, for his teaching of economics. He has led and coached a host of activities and sports, but is known as an icon among his players for his coaching of the Bigside football team. A “living legend” is a common term heard among a few decades of alumni, in reference to Drew. And, one of his fondest TCS memories is to have won the CISAA Football Championship in 2009, with his son playing a pivotal role on the Bigside team that season.

Drew loves TCS. As does Sue and their children too. They were “all in” for TCS. I doubt that Drew significantly struggled with work-life or home-office balance, for he loved what he did and he did what he loved. It wasn’t a job for him, it was more of a way of life. And, it was his home.

A heartfelt “thank you” to you, Mr. Allen. We wish you well in your well-earned retirement.


Mr. Allen was my daughter's tenth grade history teacher. As an international student, Grace loved history lesson under his tutelage. I want to say THANK YOU Mr. Allen!

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