You can work from home. You can’t school from home forever.

Imagine trying to learn to ice skate online. Instead of summer camping, you watch a video of others camping. How about attending cooking classes through a live tutorial but not getting to make, nor taste, the final product? Consider taking piano lessons without a piano.

It's all absurd to contemplate.

Yet, there is a great deal of conversation, post-pandemic, that online learning threatens to replace in-person learning for kids.

It will not happen.

Schools do not exist for the simple transfer of content. We have Google for that. Schools are about understanding and learning through hands-on experience. The act of “doing” is what school is all about. And, this “doing” happens in real time, through tactile activities and interactions, together with others.

That said, I do think that the post-pandemic work-home balance is under serious review for traditional businesses. The amount of time invested in getting to and from work will be reconsidered. Of course, personal relationships in a traditional business are important as well. But, it does seem rather absurd for an employee to commute for one hour just to sit in an office and engage on a laptop all day. And then, to turn around and commit to another one-hour commute to get back home. That seems just inefficient, unproductive, unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly.

Therefore, when looking at post-pandemic shifts, work commuting is more vulnerable to permanent change than the tradition model of schooling.

And, I think that busy families are also starting to question the repetitive driving to and from their children’s afterschool activities. Who wants to drive to hockey practice and piano lessons every day if you don’t have to? Nobody.

Schools that offer “one-stop shopping” for all curricular and co-curricular needs and wants are looking even better!

For all those families out there reassessing what their post-pandemic life might look like, I might mention that our website – – is a helpful resource that provides a comprehensive peek into our complete school community. And, as always, we would be happy to assist you and your kids. And, no need to drive on to campus at this stage. Just give us a call.

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