Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit!

Gong hei fat choy! 恭喜发财! Trinity College School celebrated Lunar New Year and the incoming Year of the Rabbit with special student-led events on Friday, January 20th.

Celebrated throughout Asia and by people of Asian descent the world over, Lunar New Year is a time to look ahead with hope for prosperity and happiness. January 22, 2023 to February 9, 2024 marks the Year of the Rabbit (also symbolized by the cat or the mousedeer in some cultures), the fourth of 12 zodiac signs. The rabbit is seen as gentle and quiet, but confident, swift and determined. 2023 is specifically associated with the “water rabbit.”

Students in both the Senior and Junior Schools honoured this event with a non-uniform day where many sported the colour red, gold or yellow, and some students wore traditional dress. All students enjoyed special lunch and dinner options prepared by the culinary services staff, including dim sum soup bowls, chow mein, spring rolls and lion’s head meatballs (braised pork meatballs served with cabbage and noodles).

In the Junior School, students led an informative assembly for their peers. As well, a group of Grade 8 students, Cecily, Angela and Annie, created traditional doorway decorations called New Year’s couplets with messages of good luck and prosperity. They also shared some New Year treats with their classmates, including traditional red envelopes filled with chocolate coins and other snacks. The Junior School library set up a craft area where students were able to create a rabbit papercut, and Grade 5 and 6 students listened to the story of the Chinese zodiac animals, read in English and traditional Mandarin. 

Cultural Awareness Group (CAG) organized events in the Senior School, including decorating areas of the School in advance of the celebration. Friday’s morning chapel service featured lessons from the students on the meaning and history of Lunar New Year and a dance performance. In the evening, an incredible marketplace was created in Cirne Commons. Students were invited to visit each station to take part in activities such as challenging riddles, crafts, calligraphy, or trying a traditional Chinese instrument. For each station visited, students earned a stamp in a paper passport, which could then be turned in for prizes including dumplings or candy. And students were thrilled to have Bestea Boba on hand selling bubble tea – a favourite beverage! The evening concluded with a fireworks display outside the commons that was enjoyed by all. 

Thank you to the students and staff who organized Lunar New Year events and helped our school community usher in the Year of the Rabbit. Wishing everyone a new year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity!

Click on the links below for multimedia from the celebrations: