Six students earn Distinction in the fall term of sports

This fall has seen a renewed excitement across campus, not the least of which was due to the return to a full slate of competitive athletics programs at Trinity College School. Achievement, dedication and leadership in the autumn term of co-curricular sports were celebrated on Friday, November 18th in the Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre.

A testament to the enthusiastic commitment of students to their athletics involvements this past term, six students received Distinction awards, which mark a superior level of skill as well as a student who serves as a leading ambassador for TCS. This included Bigside field hockey’s Jasmine de Pencier and Bigside boys soccer player William Raenden, as well as four of our Senior boys cross-country runners – fresh off their provincial bronze medals – Liam Gibson, Aidan Small, Liam Small and Andrew Richards.

Twenty-four students were honoured with Bigside ties, recognizing the completion of their third season on a Bigside team during their career at TCS. They are: Jasmine Chen, Alex Chin, TianTian Dong, Bruce Duanmu, Eleanor Harvey, Wesley Hoo, Ryan Horton, Dagna Jezioro, Tae-Kyeong Kim, Sophia Masur, Ashwin Raina, Abeigh Reason, Mika Romao Vandepol, Alex Savard, Izzy Torzsas, Marie-Anne Urrutia, Eliza Wadds, Eason Yang, William Horsbrugh-Porter, Emerson Mendum, Val Northey, Samuel Smolkin, Emilie Vahramian and Marc-Olivier Robert.

Other awards presented include:


  • Coaches Award (Littleside most improved): Mahi Nanda (Grade 10)
  • Coaches Award (Littleside MVP): Charlotte Chan (Grade 10), Ella Martins (Grade 10)
  • McMillan Cup (Bigside spirit): Golden Onyekere (Grade 11), Liv Healey (Grade 10)
  • Darcie Crowe Trophy (Bigside leadership): Anna Tenngren (Grade 11), Sara Baker (Grade 12)
  • Louise Willis Trophy (Bigside MVP): Anna Tenngren (Grade 11)

Field Hockey

  • Coaches Award (Littleside): Lulu Vahramian (Grade 10), Claire Thiebaud (Grade 9)
  • Coaches Award (Littleside MVP): Jordyn Bridges (Grade 10)
  • Coaches Award (Littleside most improved): Campbell Stephenson (Grade 10)
  • Bridget Kerin Trophy (Middleside MVP): Claire Ross (Grade 12), Linda Qiao (Grade 11)
  • Middleside Field Hockey Trophy (Middleside most improved): Calissa Ylagan (Grade 11)
  • Ness-Tarasick Trophy (Bigside most improved): Emma Bakker (Grade 11), Riley Escorcio (Grade 11)
  • Anikka Foster Trophy (Bigside leadership): Jasmine de Pencier (Grade 12), Izzy Torzsas (Grade 12)
  • Ellis-Paquet Trophy (Bigside MVP): Olivia Conacher (Grade 12), Jasmine de Pencier (Grade 12)


  • Jamie Eaton Cup (Littleside leadership): Johnny Brown (Grade 10), Frankie Gibson (Grade 10)
  • E.J.M. Huycke Trophy (Littleside MVP): Jay Turnquest (Grade 11)
  • Art MacDonald Trophy (Littleside top lineman): Evan Vukota (Grade 10), Cameron Joyal (Grade 9)
  • Coaches Award (Littleside most improved): Sutton Meier (Grade 9)
  • Dr. Orchard Trophy (Bigside most improved): Angus Cairns (Grade 11)
  • Symons Trophy (Bigside leadership): Doug Gibson (Grade 12), JP Samano Suarez (Grade 12)
  • A.M. Campbell Award (keenness & dedication): Silas Hodges (Grade 12)
  • J.W. Kerr Trophy (Bigside MVP): Doug Gibson (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Cup (Bigside defense): Jack McLernon (Grade 11)
  • Osuszek Trophy (Bigside best lineman): JP Samano Suarez (Grade 12)


  • Adrian Smith Trophy (top Midget runner): Abby Richards (Grade 9), Bianca Rigamonte (Grade 9)
  • Marshall Trophy (top Junior runner): Charlotte Patterson (Grade 10), Charlotte Belanger (Grade 10)
  • T.W. Lawson Trophy (top Senior runner): Aidan Small (Grade 11)
  • Jonathan Buchanan Trophy (Senior most improved): Nolan McReelis (Grade 11)
  • Rodger Wright Trophy (Senior leadership): Liam Gibson (Grade 12), Xenia Blankenburg (Grade 12)


  • Tim Hay Trophy (Littleside): Emi Miguel-Haddad (Grade 10), Tristan Merepeza (Grade 9)
  • Coaches Award (Middleside): Owen Tidman (Grade 11), Christian Mack (Grade 12)
  • Pinkerton Trophy (Bigside leadership): William Raenden (Grade 12)
  • Paterson Trophy (Bigside MVP): William Raenden (Grade 12)
  • Spirit of Soccer Award (Bigside): Marc-Olivier Robert (Grade 12)


  • Daniel Salmon Trophy (Littleside): Jack Brumley (Grade 10)
  • Brad Smith Trophy (Bigside MVP): Ben Shearing (Grade 12), Joey Paduano (Grade 11)

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