Grade 12 student earns commendation on international chemistry exam

In mid-May a dedicated group of Trinity College School students wrote the chemistry contests hosted by the University of Waterloo. Grade 12 students sat the Chem 13 News Exam on May 12th, followed by Grade 11 students writing the Avogadro Exam on May 19th. These challenging tests take place over a 75-minute period and include 40 multiple choice questions covering a range of chemistry topics. Typically, more than 6,000 students worldwide take part annually.

Students performing in the top 10% globally on the exams are recognized with a plaque. Congratulations to Sara Yang, who placed in the top 8% on the Chem 13 News Exam and earned special commendation. As well, a shout-out to Tae-Kyeong Kim, the School’s top performer on the Avogadro Exam.

Anyone interested in testing their own chemistry knowledge for fun, can find past exam questions and answers online by clicking the following links: Chem 13 News Exam; Avogadro Exam.