Five students earn Distinction in the spring term of sports

Wright Trophy for Outstanding Grade 11 Athletes

The spring sports term at Trinity College School was filled with wonderful highlights and cherished memories, as students enjoyed the return to a more typical season afforded by loosening pandemic restrictions. Achievement, leadership and dedication in Senior School co-curricular sports were celebrated at the Spring Athletic Awards on Friday, June 10th in the Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre. Students and coaches looked back on a term that included OFSAA qualifications in Bigside boys rugby, badminton and track & field, and a CISAA championship for our Bigside girls rugby sevens team!

Among the honours presented to students at the spring awards night are the outstanding athletes of the year in each grade (with the Grade 12 award to be handed out on Speech Day). This year’s winners are:

  • Paterson Trophy for Grade 9: Addy O’Grady, Brodie Reilly
  • F.G. Osler Cup for Grade 10: Golden Onyekere, Emerson Mendum
  • R.C.N. Wright Trophy for Grade 11: Carmella Ylagan, Eadyn Meier, Silas Hodges, Will Raenden

Bigside ties were awarded to 37 athletes and Bigside colours were earned by 49 students. Bigside ties signify an athlete’s third term of participation at the Bigside level during their TCS career. Colours are reserved for Senior (Grade 11 and 12) athletes who display respect and teamwork throughout at least four terms of Bigside athletic involvement. Click here for the full list of recipients.

Distinction awards were presented to five students for achieving a superior level of performance in the spring term of sports as well as serving as ambassadors for the School through their athletic involvement. They are: Kristie Lam (Grade 12) and Silas Hodges (Grade 11) in badminton; ultimate Frisbee player Reese McGee (Grade 12); and Bigside girls rugby players Natasha Deichmann (Grade 12) and Malinka Kwemo (Grade 11).

Other awards presented include:


  • Geale Cup (top player): Kristie Lam (Grade 12), Silas Hodges (Grade 11)
  • Coaches Award (top Senior): Harjas Chhokar (Grade 12), Tharun Shaji (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (top Junior): Rania Butt (Grade 9), Atticus Hodges (Grade 9)


  • J.M. Biggar Trophy (Bigside leading batter): Nathan Blais (Grade 12)
  • J.S. Jack Langford Trophy (Bigside leading pitcher): Nathan Blais (Grade 12)
  • Leadership Trophy (Bigside): Matthew Fisk (Grade 11)
  • Farley-May Trophy (Bigside): Easton Joss (Grade 9)


  • Coaches Award (Littleside): Hayden Worden (Grade 9)
  • Ron Reynolds Memorial Trophy (Bigside boys): Michael King (Grade 11)
  • Samantha Widmer Trophy (Bigside girls most deserving): Grace Mayer (Grade 9)
  • Trenholme Family Trophy (leadership): Gordon Bennett (Grade 12), Luke Vrooman (Grade 12)


  • Chapman Trophy (top Novice female): Merryn Hamilton (Grade 11)
  • Adam Cota Trophy (top Novice male): Phillip Whan Tong (Grade 11)
  • Jim Ganley Cup (top Junior male): Keefer Carriere (Grade 10)
  • McNamara Cup (top Junior female): Danie Green (Grade 10)
  • Ned Hanlan Trophy (top Senior male): Brennon O’Grady (Grade 12)
  • Drew-Hobbs Trophy (top Senior female): Lindsay Smith (Grade 12)
  • Coxswain’s Crown: Kaitlin Miller (Grade 10)

Boys Rugby

  • Alastair McDonald Trophy (Littleside MVP): Brodie Reilly (Grade 9)
  • Kyle Nichols Cup (Littleside most promising): Colin Gibson (Grade 9), Frankie Gibson (Grade 9)
  • Beck Trophy (Bigside leadership): Doug Gibson (Grade 11), Lachlan Cowdroy (Grade 11)
  • Peter Kelly Bowl (Bigside spirit): Doug Gibson (Grade 11)
  • Mike Stevens Trophy (Bigside MVP): Florian Nissen (Grade 11)

Girls Rugby

  • Coaches Award (Middleside): Addy O’Grady (Grade 9), Maggie McLean (Grade 11)
  • Leadership Trophy (Bigside): Natasha Deichmann (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (Bigside): Malinka Kwemo (Grade 11)
  • CRASI Award (Bigside spirit): Emma Olazabal Salgado (Grade 12)


  • Coaches Award (Middleside MVP): Xenia Blankenburg (Grade 11)
  • Coaches Award (Middleside most improved) : Miah Schmidlin (Grade 11)
  • Gareth Jones Cup (Bigside dedication): Jordyn Bridges (Grade 9)
  • Alexis Sciuk Award (Bigside leadership): Eadyn Meier (Grade 11)
  • Spirit of Soccer Award: Eadyn Meier (Grade 11)


  • D.H. Hunter Trophy (#1 Senior boys player): Will Raenden (Grade 11)
  • #1 Ladies Singles Trophy: Megan Johnston (Grade 12)
  • Sophie Paquet Trophy (leadership): Will Raenden (Grade 11)

Track & Field

  • Daniel Holmes Middle Distance Trophy: Aidan Small (Grade 10)
  • Darren Cunningham Trophy for Jumpers: Toyo Udoeyop (Grade 12), Xyon Johnson (Grade 10)
  • Hurdlers Award: Aeowyn Comissiong (Grade 9)
  • Sprinters Award: Timi Martins (Grade 9), TianTian Dong (Grade 11)
  • Leadership Award: Toyo Udoeyop (Grade 12), Luque Lockhart (Grade 12), Claire Marcotte (Grade 12), Aneesa Momodu (Grade 12)


  • Coaches Award (Bigside most improved): Taylor Sousa (Grade 12)
  • Samantha Currie Trophy (Bigside MVP): Carmella Ylagan (Grade 11)
  • Leslie Fraser Trophy (Bigside leadership): Carmella Ylagan (Grade 11)

Ultimate Frisbee

  • Coaches Award (MVP): Reese McGee (Grade 12), Harry Wang (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (most improved): Marie-Anne Urrutia (Grade 11), Justin Wang (Grade 12)