Students present creative take on various works in “A Play On Words”

A stellar cast of Grade 9 and 10 students wove together the works of various writers into the original comedy production, A Play On Words, which took the stage of Trinity College School’s Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre the evenings of June 1st through 3rd. After weeks of rehearsals and technical development, cast and crew were thrilled to bring live theatre to TCS audiences for the first time in months!

Led by Mr. Greg MacPherson (director), Mr. Simon Banderob (assistant director) and student director Rachel Bannister, the production of A Play On Words builds on the writings of authors including Shel Silverstein, David Ives, Lauren Wilson and Seth Kramer. Skits were laced together to tell the story of a group of down-on-their-luck hobos as they discussed the nature of life, love and humour. From a comedic discussion of what exactly constitutes a “bag lady” (is it the bag or the Cream of Wheat in her purse?) to a Mexican standoff that satirizes the homogeneity of Quentin Tarantino movie characters, audiences could find plenty to laugh about and also much to think about.

The cast featured Sophie Ahuja, Landon Demrovsky, Mau Dominiguez, Ezekiella Ezeoba, Eric Jin, Jacob Pavone, Wolfgang van Gulik, Alicia Wang, Haron Wang and Cindy Zhao. Helping to bring the play to life were stage manager Sarah Egan and assistant stage managers Golden Onyekere and Asia Smith.

Many people lent their time and talents to ensure this production was a success. They include: students Maria Grace Moreau, Hudson Brown, Phillip Whan Tong, Neyha Billing and Ava Becker; IT services staff members Mr. Christian McFadden and Mr. Joel Wesley; the property department, including Mr. Bill Conley and Mr. Dale Heffernan; the culinary services team; faculty members Mr. Bill Walker, Ms. Jessie Ironside, Mr. Peter Mao, Ms. Tanya Beck, Ms. Andrea Mathieson, Ms. Nicola Lee and Mr. Jeff Biggar; alumnus Victor Svenningson ’74; and parent Mr. Peter O’Grady.

The spring play was the culmination of the collaborative and creative efforts of everyone involved. And, if audience response is any determination, these efforts paid off beautifully! In the words of Mr. MacPherson, “We couldn’t be more proud of the cast and crew of this production and we are grateful to the many members of the broader TCS community for all of their support.”