Hodgetts and Wright headed to debate-off

With the final round of the 2021-2022 House Debates program complete at Trinity College School, two day houses will head to a debate-off to determine the last spot in the finals. Following the third round of debate on Monday, April 4th, a tie for second place in the standings means that Hodgetts and Wright will meet for a tie-breaker to see who will face Rigby in the Senior finals.

The third round saw Junior (Grade 9-10) and Senior (Grade 11-12) teams all tackle the resolution that “the Olympics do more harm than good” in researched debates.

In the Junior division, the top individual was Hibah Tahir of Rigby House, followed closely by her partner Sajal Billing. Rounding out the leaderboard were Wright’s Val Northey, a tie between Celina Zhou of Burns and Brent’s Luke McCarthy, and in fifth place, Hannah Bailey of Wright House. With Hibah and Sajal standing as the top team for Rigby, Val and Hannah took second place for Wright, while Luke and his partner Jimi Tolushe stood third for Brent.

The top Junior houses for the round were Ketchum, Rigby and Wright, each with two wins. This means Ketchum and Wright are headed to the finals to compete for the Dr. Michael T. DuBroy Junior House Debate Trophy.

In the Senior ranks, Ezekiella Ezeoba from Scott House was the top individual, followed by Seb Tod of Bickle. There was a tie for third place between Harjas Chhokar and Gordon Roblin, both from Hodgetts, while Olivia Conacher placed fourth for Burns House. Harjas and Gordon comprised the top team, with Olivia and her partner Mimi Grieve in second place for Burns, and Seb and teammate Michael Saunders rounding out the top three for Bickle.

With two wins apiece, Hodgetts, Rigby and Wright were the top Senior houses for the round, and Rigby and Wright stood as the top overall houses of the day with a total of four wins. We are excited to see who will win the debate-off between Hodgetts and Wright for the chance to face Rigby in the finals, vying for the Tom Lawson Senior House Debate Trophy.

The Senior and Junior finals are both set to take place the week of April 25th.