New disc golf course added to campus!

Trinity College School now has a new disc golf course, thanks to a generous donation by current parents Mike and Jenny Wong P’22.

A few students have already had the chance to try out the new course, which takes players through nine holes situated on the northeast section of campus.

The sport of disc golf has taken off as a result of the pandemic, because it accommodates physical distancing. Players stand at a tee location and aim flying discs at “holes” which are metal baskets on stands. Each hole is signed, and incorporates the landscape of our campus to challenge players.

Players can use the UDisc app, which has the TCS course installed, for scoring. The app even features a live leaderboard for tournament play, and uses GPS to mark players’ locations on the course.

Tom Tansley (Senior School faculty), Alex Gordon (Junior School faculty) and Director of Athletics Cristy Drake worked with Innova Disc Golf to oversee the project. Many thanks to our philanthropy & alumni office for spearheading implementation of the Wong family’s donation.

We look forward to many more fun outings on the new course!