Oxford Cup tradition continues

On November 3rd, the Trinity College School community gathered for the 125th running of the Oxford Cup race. This long-standing event took place with a twist this year – which actually looked similar to races in the past.

This year, each house in the Senior School nominated 10 runners to compete in a 5km course that commenced with a staggered start for each house. The rest of the students in the houses lined the course in cohorts to cheer on the runners as they passed by. The Junior School also appointed a group of runners to represent Boulden House, while the rest participated in cohort challenges on the northeast fields on our campus.

Having houses select representatives for the race mirrors the format it was held in for many years of its existence. However, in recent years the entire student body, as well as staff, alumni and families were able to join us on campus to take part. With COVID-19 restrictions making this impossible this year, the philanthropy and alumni office asked community members to complete the run/walk wherever they were in the world. From far and wide, alumni, past and current parents, and former staff completed the race, sending in their photos of their runs. More than 50 members of our extended community joined in this event.

The winners of the on-campus race were announced in chapel on Thursday for the Senior School and on Friday during the Junior School assembly. The winners are as follows:

  • The Oxford Cup for the top male Senior School runner went to Grade 9 student Andrew Richards with a time of 18:53.
  • The Wright Cup for the top female Senior School runner went to Grade 12 student Sam Trask.
  • The Saul Cup for the top male/female Junior School runners went to Grade 8 students Alex Pickering and Ruby Campbell.

The house winners were picked by calculating the average of the 10 runners’ times. The house winners for this year’s Oxford Cup went to Scott and Hodgetts House. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Oxford Cup run, and a big thank you to everyone who helped organize the race on campus, led by Director of Athletics Cristy Drake, and to the entire school community for supporting this long-standing event.

Click on the links below to view photo galleries from the 125th Oxford Cup:

- By Natasha Pinto, Grade 12 student