Students ready to take on the challenges of 2020-2021

With resilience and determination, Trinity College School students prepared to head into the new school year as the final day of student arrivals wrapped up on Friday, September 11th. Following Thursday’s welcome for new boarders, new day students joined us on Friday and enjoyed the chance to meet housemates and take part in a fun scavenger hunt around campus.

In addition to welcoming new students, Thursday and Friday included virtual welcome sessions for parents, hosted by Headmaster Stuart Grainger, Head of Senior School Kristopher Churchill and Dean of Academic & Student Support Jennifer Paziuk. Parents were able to get to know school leadership, learn more about the plans for this unique school year and ask any questions they might have. Friday night, boarding students capped off the week with a virtual “Gameshow Extravaganza” led by the residential assistants in the large tents set up outside LeVan Hall. Other students headed to the tents on the terraces for some time “socializing, socially-distanced style” with friends.

TCS boasts a strong enrolment this year of approximately 580 students, and about 520 of those students were welcomed on campus between September 8th and 11th. The remaining students will begin the year online with the TCS Connect e-community, which had its orientation session on Saturday morning.

In fact, Saturday was a busy and exciting day as students first learned about the School’s co-curricular programs this year. In addition to athletics such as soccer, basketball, hockey and harriers, Activity for Life physical activity options include outdoor games, yoga and fitness. Students also have the chance to take part in the Woodworking Club, along with a range of arts options in theatre, visual art, music and dance. Traditional groups like Johnson Ringers, fall play, the yearbook and Dance Troupe are supplemented by engaging new options such as comedy film-making, conceptual portrait drawing and djembe drum circle.

After the launch, the afternoon was filled with grade-based activities on campus, allowing students to get to know their peers and enjoy the sunny fall weather.

Headmaster Grainger reflected on a wonderful opening week and the resilience and patience with which our community faced the unprecedented nature of this new school year. “We are thrilled to have students and staff here on campus, in person! We know we will all need to be a little kinder and gentler with one another as we navigate these times together, and to presume good intentions of one another in light of new restrictions or expectations. This academic year will be one of our most memorable, and together we can make sure it is also one of the best too!”