Students go back to traditional methods in new woodworking club

Students at Trinity College School now have the opportunity to learn time-honoured skills through a “Traditional Woodworking” club, a new Senior School co-curricular offering that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school as well as on Saturday mornings during terms one and two as part of the Activity for Life program. Generous donations from alumni have provided the funding necessary to purchase a variety of hand tools needed for this year’s main project, which is an 8' x 12' timber-framed shed that will house the gardening tools and supplies for our Farm, Field, Forest co-curricular program.

Five students who demonstrate a keen interest in learning about a hands-on activity such as carpentry are able to join the club. This term, in order to acquire basic chiseling techniques and the skills required to construct mortise and tenon joinery, the group began by constructing two timber-framed sawhorses, and are now nearing the completion of the sill plates and floor joists for the shed. The carpenters are really looking forward to going vertical with the construction of the main posts in the next week.

Any students interested in joining the club next term are encouraged to speak directly with Mr. Bailey.

- By Mr. Ty Bailey, club leader