Students encouraged to embrace innovation

Trinity College School launched a new program to encourage Senior School students to put their ideas into action as the “Initiative Initiative” was introduced on Tuesday, October 10th. Using a “talk show” format, Headmaster Stuart Grainger, Head of Senior School Kristopher Churchill and faculty members Peter Mao, Luke O’Connell, Kim Vojnov, Mike Harding and Alison Elliott had fun presenting the new program to students in Cirne Commons.

The Initiative Initiative aims to inspire innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in students. Every Senior School student has the opportunity to come up with a plan that would be beneficial to the TCS community or the world at large. And these are not just business plans – it can be any idea, invention or solution, and it can be something completely new or a project students have already begun working on. Mr. Grainger specifically challenged students to think of one thing they think could be improved and come up with a plan to do that.

The headmaster noted that the program builds on some of our key elements of our academic vision for the Senior School – to inspire creativity, problem-solving and critical-thinking, and to encourage students to become “CEOs of self,” advocating for themselves and taking a leadership role in turning their ideas into positive action.

Students will be able to fill out an application detailing their initiative, and throughout the year seminars will be held to help students develop and realize their ideas, hosted by business course teachers Mr. Mao and Mr. O’Connell. Regular emails will advise students of the process and any deadlines related to the initiative. In the spring, the School will put on a showcase, allowing students to celebrate the potential impacts of their initiatives.

We look forward to seeing the amazing ideas our students will come up with!