A green start to the school year

Part of living sustainably is reducing our carbon footprint. This is an important goal at Trinity College School that is supported by TEAC (Trinity Environmental Action Club). The group, led by Tenzin Mahabir, Hallie Paddock and Andrew Youssef, is looking forward to a year of environmental initiatives at TCS that will make it a more sustainable community.

On Saturday, September 30th, TEAC hosted a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. This event draws thousands of volunteers across Canada who roll up their sleeves to clean up trash along rivers, lakes and beaches. Participants not only work to beautify their communities, but their efforts help in preserving the health of precious aquatic ecosystems that can be disturbed by litter. Fifteen students and teachers walked the banks of the Ganaraska River and meticulously picked up and catalogued the waste and recycled materials littering the shoreline. Our students were diligent in the task of collecting this data in order to identify the waste types that pose a threat to aquatic communities and to better understand human behaviours tied to littering, such as fast-food eating.

Back on campus, efforts to sort waste properly were made at the Bear Fair and Terry Fox Day barbecues. “Recycle coaches” from the Advanced Placement Environmental Science class and TEAC stood by waste containers in order to teach students and staff how to separate their lunch litter into either recyclables or waste. TEAC has also resumed a program started two years ago called the “No Porcelain Past this Point” in partnership with the TCS culinary services team. This program was initiated as a means to reduce waste and costs tied to lost dishware and the use of too many disposable cups, while also promoting the idea of BYOC (bring your own container).

TEAC welcomes new members to join and they meet as a group every academic cycle, on day 8 during flex in room 404. It is a great way to do learn about the environment and do something that benefits the entire school community.

- By Dr. Vincenza Pontieri, TEAC faculty advisor