Students experience the joys and challenges of wilderness travel

Students in Trinity College School's PAD30-T Outdoor Excursions course packed up their gear and headed up to Camp Pathfinder, in the heart of Algonquin Park, on Friday, September 29th.

They spent the night at the camp, packing their bags and learning some basic skills. Early the next morning, the group headed to Cache Lake where students began their trip into the Algonquin wilderness. After a combination of paddling across lakes and through rivers, including a few portages, the group reached its destination – Lake Louisa. The students set up camp, and enjoyed a feast of pasta with fresh veggies before crawling into their tents for the night.  

The group woke the next morning to a misty lake. After a breakfast of burritos and fresh lake trout, the students packed up all their belongings and loaded their canoes to head to the pick-up location on Rock Lake. While the travelling was challenging at times, the group persevered and demonstrated considerable teamwork. The hard work was worth it for the chance to experience beautiful fall colours and the peacefulness of nature.

The students’ next trip will be a winter excursion where they will be snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dogsledding. 

- By Mr. Matt Murray, health & physical education teacher