Coats for Kids: Donations being sought

Every year, many kids have to spend their winter in discomfort due to not having a warm winter jacket to wear. That is why, here at TCS, we are asking for your help to donate jackets, snow pants and gloves for Coats for Kids.

All donations will be given to the Salvation Army here in Port Hope. We would really love if you would send your kids to school with warm jackets that have no more use at your house. Boots, mittens and gloves will also be accepted. (Please note that we cannot take hats.) Everything that is donated should be clean and in good condition.

Thank you for all your help and support to keep kids in Northumberland warm this year.

We will accept donations until October 4th.

- By Grace Gay, Sophie Clarke, Jake Burns and Matteo Mascarin, Grade 8 students and Coats for Kids campaign leaders